"Tourism Makassar" Friendly Enriches Your Experience in Makassar –Makassar- Makassar Office for Tourism and Creative Economy (Dinas Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif) has launched, in last March 2016, its friendly smartphone-based application in order to make visitors or tourists more comfortable and get enriched experienced during in Makassar.

The application is “Tourism Makassar”. It has nine (9) main guide menu. Language preference is English and Bahasa Indonesia.  One of the most prominent menus is Tourism Map menu. There are many sites or locations are marked in map recommended to explore, such as sites for culinary, accommodation, entertainments, and local souvenirs. Recommendation is based on the proximity to your position when accessing this application.

Another interesting menu is the “hotspot” that presents some most-popular or well-liked places in Makassar. For instance, the 16th century Fort Rotterdam as well as 16th century Somba Opu Fort, Bugis Water Park, tourism site of Lakkang Lake, the 1927 MULO (Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs) House, 19th century Cathedral Makassar. Visitors or users may also leave their review by using the “user review” to each places.

Should you would like to find out the uniqueness of Makassar, the “Event” menu will guide your plan. Many unique, traditional or local, national, or even international events can be choosen from this menu. All available events are scheduled from March to November 2016.* (Iskandar Burhan)