Enjoy and Love Makassar Culinary, Please Participate to the Survey

Picture Source: –Makassar- Makassar Office of Tourism and Creative Economy (Dinas Parawisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif Kota Makassar) will exhibit its other innovative program through “Survey of Makassar Culinary Icon”. It is to proactively promote in wider scale the variety of specific-Makassar culinary.  This survey, according to Muhammad Roem of Promotion Department Head of this office, will be held until end of May 2016.

In order to participate to this survey, one should go to the website of “Survey of Makassar Culinary Icon” both in English and Bahasa Indonesia. There are 20 kinds of specific-Makassar culinary need to be chosen. Among these are ‘baroncong’, ‘coto Mangkasara’, ‘es pallubutung’, ‘ikan pallu kaloa’, ‘pallu basa’, ‘pisang epe’, ‘pisang ijo’. The participant can choose one or more.

Then, some information are needed to fill in by the participant. These information are, for example, the occupation, city/country, email address, gender, age, the favourite place where he/she enjoy the culinary, and the reason for the chosen culinary. And the final step is to submit the survey by click the ‘submit’ red button at the bottom of the page.*(Thoha Pacong)