Farid Husain, the Peacemaking Doctor –Makassar- “It was cold outside the Königstedt Mansion, Helsinki, that morning. It was 21 Celsius degree below zero. This weather was not so friendly for the Finn, let alone for Indonesian. It was not an important matter for me, however.  The important one is that day, 27 January 2005, the negotiation between Government of Indonesia and Free Aceh Movement (GAM) just started..”.

It is a piece of Dr. Farid Husain’s writing from his book “To see the Unseen (Kisah di Balik Damai di Aceh)” tells about series of important moments of successful peace treaty in tanah Rencong or Aceh. During that time of 2005, the name of this men, born in Soppeng, 9 March 1950, was so popular. Indonesian Government opened dialogue room and peace negotiation with the Free Aceh Movement or GAM. 
He received a direct instruction from Jusuf Kalla, his boss and friend, acting as the responsible figure and as negotiator of Government of Indonesia. It is a heavy and hard task he assumed, especially the previous negotiation initiated by the Henry Dunant Center in Tokyo reached deadlock.
Nevertheless, it is not the figure of Farid Husain to say no to this responsibility. Apart from his respect to Jusuf Kalla who asked him directly, since childhood he has been familiarly known as a courageous and sociable person. These characters are his capital to every dialogues with different parties he opens or develops. “Other capital, which is crucially important, is mutual trust”, he said.
It is unquestionably that Farid Husain is always at the circle of peace efforts and makings initiated by the Government of Indonesia. Apart from GAM negotiation, the father from three sons and a daughter, has played important role for peace treaty in Poso, Central Sulawesi, and in Ambon.
His professional career as a doctor for surgery speciality brings specific advantage in peacemaking efforts. “Generally speaking, all the conflicting parties have no suspicion or bad feelings to doctors since they do humanitarian mission,” he explained. He always uses this advantage during approaching the influential persons in conflict.  
Coming from big family background, Farid Husain is the third from seven brothers and sisters. His father, Muhammad Husein, was a teacher and dedicated his life to education. His mother, Saidah, was a housewife. His ability establishing good relation with different peoples comes from his childhood. During his school period, he was active and got involved in many organisations. He used to be as Head of Makassar area Indonesia Students Action Union or Kesatuan Aksi Pelajar Indonesia in 1960s. Trust each other and keep the trusted mandate is his life guide.
Family for him is the most proud property. His children, dr. Fahriansyah Farid, dr. Fahrulsyah Farid, dr. Fadliansyah Farid, and dr. Faradillah Farid are his utmost important property.* (Thoha Pacong)