District 26: Eatery and Coffee Shop –Makassar- Makassar is the ‘heaven’ for culinary and café business.  One can find at every corners of this city restaurants and cafés providing variety of different, interesting, unique offers. 

Located at the southern part of Makassar, at Jalan Lanto Daeng Pasewang No. 6, a unique café stands there.  Carrying ‘eatery and coffee shop’ concept, this culinary business combining between restaurant and café.  Launched just last September 2015, Sultan Hasanuddin, the owner of this business, labeled his business ‘District 26’.

Taking look at the interior design of this café, a strong image appears that their market segments the youth and middle to high class.  The first impression appears promptly that the café concept and ‘philosophy’ offers familiarity.  At the right side of the wall, a long table that has a look of bartender table is elegantly ordered.  A coffee machine was there.  This table is the place where variety of drinks and coffee were made and mixed.

Taking a look at the wall behind the bartender table, a unique menu with impressive look was put.  The menu is designed as a handwriting look on a blackboard.  A sense of dynamic, young-looking spirit, and anti-establishment was so strong as entering into the café.

The stronger sense soon comes as looking around the interior.  Graffito-style paintings were dominated the room.  Postmodernism coupled with minimalism is the right description of this room.  Chairs and tables for consumers are rather small-scale, however, fit to the room interior.

According to District 26 Café owner, Sultan Hasanuddin, the interior is designed to make the consumers comfortable.  The price is the other most interesting offer.  The price is truly fit to youth’s pocket.  From all top-listed menus, such as ‘nasi bakar’ (roasted rice), ‘ayam penyet’ (crushed-flat chicken), and some coffee menus, they are under 20.000 Rupiahs. 

“With five-star nuance and food-street price, we offer the best to our consumer”, said Sultan Hasanuddin.  Indeed, Café District 26 exists to offer interesting and impressive offer for Makassar youths who love to hang out.  We can see, and no doubt, that most of Café District 26’s consumers are from different several youth communities around Makassar.

As it happens, the tighter and more competitive café business environment in Makassar as today requires the business to be smarter, for example, in developing their brand identity.  The ability to segment the market and followed by the ability to manage it innovatively are non-negotiable condition to survive within this business area.  “We segmented the niche market of youth and community group, which are still big and still unexplored.  We do expect that our consumer do not only come here to eat and drink but come here to build their identity”, said Sultan.* (Thoha Pacong)