The Mayor: The 2 Billion Budget Should be Managed Prudently –Makassar- Makassar Mayor, Moh. Ramdhan Pomanto warned each Head of Districts and Subdistricts to work transparent and accountable. This warning was stated in connection with 2016 budget. The heads will manage their 2 billion Rupiahs budget each. 
“I ask the Head of Districts and Subdistricts to prudently use this budget. It is a big budget so that they should pay attention to the law aspect”, said the Mayor at this office, Wednesday (23/12). The Mayor further explained that this budget, in which the District will get 2 billion and Subdistrict 1 billion Rupiahs, will be allocated to programs of alley management, MTR, and Smart City. In 2016, Makassar Government will focus on infrastructure and greening development.
Transparency and accountability is greatly important to deal with big budget management. Other important aspect is the active public participation and engagement in controlling the budget use as well as in watching over the overall implementations.* (Iskandar Burhan)