Delivery Program at Rappocini District, Makassar –Makassar- In order to give more strength to the priority program of Makassar Government in public service, District of Rappocini, Makassar, launched innovative program called ‘delivery’. This program aims at delivering documents directly to residents.
According to Staff of Gunung Sari Subdistrict, Asriani, the program has been running since three month ago. She delivered documents, such as Land and Building Tax (PBB) payment form and other documents. “Beside delivering documents, this program also help the locals forward their PBB payment to Makassar Revenue Office (Dispenda), bring the letters to RT/RW (lower level administrative coordination of the subdistrict), and bring documents from subdistricts to district”, said Asriani.* (Iskandar Burhan)