Firefighting Office Makassar Will Have New Vehicles

SmartCityMakassar.Com. MAKASSAR: At the end of 2015, Makassar Firefighting Office (Dinas Damkar) Makassar will have 28 new firefighting vehicles.  They consist of fire trucks with 1,200 litres capacity and 18 bars pressure (7 units), 3,000 litres capacity (2 units), 5,000 litres capacity (5 units), and supply tank trucks with 8,000 litres capacity (14 units).
From Makassar Firefighting Office’s data, during 2015 fire spots in Makassar reached 5 to 6 per month. These additional new vehicles will anticipate this high number of fire spots. According to Makassar Mayor, Moh. Ramdhan Pomanto, the fire spot located in alleys with narrow passagesways and high density residents is troublesome conditions. The firefighting armadas have difficulties to reach this area.
“Therefore, these new firefighting vehicles are for truck type that is able to get until 5 meters width alleys”, said the Mayor at the office of Makassar Firefighting, Thursday (17/12).  Decision to supply these vehicles is supported by research and based on public service need.* (Iskandar Burhan)