The Process of Making: "Pinisi Untuk Makassar"

On 20th April 2015, our SmartCity Magazine team has documented in some short videos, progress of the making of ‘Pinisi untuk Makassar’, at Losari Beach, just in front of Fort Rotterdam, Makassar, Indonesia.  This traditional and worldwide well-known two-masted sailing ship was a civil effort from many different youth communities in Makassar.  These communities come from entertainment, photography, and bikers background to name a few.  Under Yayasan Makassar Skalia, a non-profit organization, they built a Pinisi.  
According to Irfan Djauri, the originator of this organization, they had the same consciousness of reinventing the old local culture identity that has been widely known as one of the greatest, most-experienced, and good sailor of their ages.  The current situation shows some great values from the old generations have been fading as time goes.  

One of the main values, symbolised by this ship, as the spirit of the greatest sailor and the local wisdom, that will be transformed into the nowadays condition, is the “mutual help and assistance” or kegotongroyongan. * 

(Muh. Yushar M.)