Kite Competition at Akkarena Beach (English Version)

SmartCity Magazine

6th Edition / September 2015 (Page 34-35)

Local Makassar was entertained by an attractive event during 15-16 August 2015 at Akkarena Beach, Makassar.  It is one of the Makassar Government Office of Tourism and Creative Economy programs called Kite Competition 2015.  The competition was not only aimed at tourism event, but also at converging kite design creativity and family recreation.

A Pinisi-design kite, around two times of adult size, flew over Akkarena Beach.  The Pinisi snaked elegant among the swishing wind and the free swashing tides.  The sky over Akkarena during that Saturday and Sunday was fully covered colorfully decorated by around 500 different sizes and forms either traditional or modern design kites.  Hundreds of visitors, dominated mostly by parents accompanying their children, vibrantly greeted this performance that is part of the annual program from Tourism and Creative Economy Makassar Office.  More interestingly, visitors got a free kite after completing registration.
Kite enthusiasts from all over the country, even from abroad, got together for two days.  There were around 700 visitors participated this year.  Included to these participants was Indonesia Kite Museum to show their unique and interesting collections.  Comparing to the previous events, this year showed the increasing number of participants and attracting local and international tourists.  “In the future, we hope that this event will be an international event”, explained Muh. Roem, Head of Marketing and Promotion of Tourism and Creative Economy Makassar Office.
Kite Competition 2015 is the second event conducted by this office.  This 2015 event, as annual calendar for tourism promotion, has achieved an increasing in participant numbers as well as in kite collections and models.  The visitors enjoyed very much and overflowed.  The successful factors are that this competition also put educational element in addition to entertainment.  The committee also invited Rizcky de Keizer, Adiduri and ANF Band, to entertain the visitors with their nice songs.  The competition, which was directly opened by Head of Makassar Office of Tourism and Creative Economy, Rusmayani Madjid, offered many different attractions.  For example, there was workshop about kite for children, Candy Drop attraction, Rokkaku Challenge sport kite, Stunt Kite, Flapjack Kite, and kite painting and coloring.  It is no doubt that the successful event has attracted many visitors, especially for families in Makassar, to come to this event.

Other aspect that contributed to the success of this event is photography activity.  Therefore, among the visitors coming to this event, there were some known figures who took this photography moment.  For example, Haidar Madjid, member of provincial legislative council, enjoyed the moment, and took some photos.  Bringing together his family, this friendly politician expressed his appreciation to this competition as an event to introduce tourism in Makassar and as sustainable effort to take care of kite tradition in Makassar.
Akkarena Beach is one of the best sites for kites.  Apart from its location that is sandy and that have suitable wind-blow for kites, this beach is still at the center area of the city.  The locals can therefore easily access to the site.  “We are appreciating very much the locals enthusiasts and other visitors to bring this competition into success.  In the future, we will do our best to make this event more attractive and more festive”, said Muh. Roem.
Iskandar Burhan